Jr-Sr Religious Education Students Because it is Ash Wednesday, there will be no ALTARation for our junior and senior high religion students February 26. Instead, they should attend mass with their families at 7:00pm that evening instead.
Confirmation Students All juniors receiving confirmation on March 8th are asked to be present at the 8:00am mass on March 1st to be recognized by our parish community. All parishioners are welcome to attend this mass as well as the Confirmation mass on March 8th at Immaculate Conception Parish in Rice.

Confirmation 2020! Current juniors will be confirmed at Immaculate Conception Parish in Rice with Fr. Robert Rolfes, Sunday March 8, at 2:00pm.
Religious Ed Update   Linda Kroll
This week our elementary students learned about the Introductory Rite of the Mass. During this Rite, the priest, standing in the place of Jesus, greets us and welcomes us to this sacred house called the church. "The Lord be with you" says the priest and we respond, "and with your spirit". Any time God used those words in the Bible it meant He was preparing them for something great.
Today at Mass, God is saying once again to all of us, “The Lord be with you.” God wants to do something great in your life. It doesn’t mean we have to do something big necessarily, but many things—if they’re in obedience to Christ, whether it’s loving someone or caring for someone, a word of encouragement, or prayer, or just raising your family—are great things.
But keep in mind our response as laity. The priest says, “The Lord be with you,” and we respond together, “And with your spirit.”
We’re actually addressing the spirit of the priest as a congregation. Why would we say that to Father? He’s been through seminary, he’s taken all these classes, he’s probably had a lot of experience, he’s trained, he’s wearing vestments. Who are we to say, “with your spirit”? As people of God, we do share in the priesthood of Christ as laity, so we have active participation in the Mass at different points. When we speak to the priest and say, “And with your spirit,” we’re reminding him that what he is about to do is so magnificent, so powerful, so miraculous you need the spirit of God moving inside of you. We are telling him to do what he is ordained to do - to bring Christ to us in the Eucharist. It’s an affirmation of his priestly calling, and it’s also a wake-up call for us that what is about to happen in the Mass cannot just happen with anybody. It happens with an ordained priest.
The introductory rite also include the Penitential Act, the Gloria and the Collect. Just as in our daily relationships with others, we frequently need to apologize for small in-fractions towards one another before we can forward in our conversations and our relationships--- this is essential what we are asking of God during the Penitential Act. We beg, "Lord, have mercy". Then Father leads in us in a prayer of absolution and we are now ready to give thanks and praise in the Gloria.
In the Collect, we call to mind the concerns of the week that we want to hand over to God and ask Him to help us through. For once we have done this, we can sit and listen more intently to the readings and message of this day's Mass.
Food for Kidz As parish communities we will also unite our efforts to raise funds to pay for the necessary ingredients, then package nourishing meals and send 35,000 or more meals or more to feed hungry children locally and throughout the world. The main reason for choosing Lent as a time to become involved in the Food for Kidz program is that the very spirit of the season encourages us through generosity and self-discipline to limit or scale back on what we usually spend on things we don't necessarily need, and then to take what we save in the process and donate it to others in need. For many years that cause has been the Rice Bowl, and that option will continue for us, but given the success of last year's Heifer project, we
thought we could go a step further by actually getting our hands on the very food that will feed hungry children in our local community or wherever in the world children go to bed hungry. We will be able to provide them with adequate nourishment for a day, and do it for
twenty-five cents a meal.
Rice Bowls will also be available for those who would like to place their alms in their own personal rice bowl.

Children’s Envelopes Please put your full name on the envelopes so we can give you credit for it at the end of the year.  Thank you!

Children’s Bulletins are found in the back of the church each week.
Children’s Offerings at Mass Children will be invited to bring their envelopes, cash donation, or a slip of paper describing some “acts of kindness” they have done in the past week and bring that up to the front of the church as their offering. 
Baptismal Certificates Needed for any student not baptized at Holy Trinity or Holy Cross that intends to receive First Communion or Confirmation in the 2019-20 school year. 

 Prayer Sheets

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