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Weekend Mass Schedule
January to June 2020
Holy Trinity
Immaculate Conception
North Prairie
Holy Trinity
St. Stanislaus
Holy Cross
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Immaculate Conception
Planning for Lent In just three more days we will be in the Holy Season of Lent with its traditional practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. To make the most of these 40 days of Lent, careful planning, a firm resolution and some good
resources are important. As the heart of our Lenten observance as individuals and as a parish, the celebration of the Eucharist takes priority. Sunday Eucharist is indispensable, and when possible, celebrating the Eucharist during the week as well helps extend that special liturgical prayer to fill our Lenten days.

We will alternate having daily Mass on Friday evenings in Lent, this Friday at Holy Trinity at 7:00pm and next Friday at Holy Cross at the 8:00pm. A volunteer will lead the Stations of the Cross at 6:30pm at Holy Trinity on Lenten Fridays and we are looking for volunteers to do the same each week at Holy Cross at 7:30pm. HT will also have Stations at 1:30pm on Sundays.
Bishop’s Annual Appeal:  This is Announcement Weekend for the 2020 Bishop’s Annual Appeal.  Please take this opportunity to consider your gift and the many ministries that are only available  through your generosity.  Next week, you can make a gift using the envelopes that will be provided at Mass, or you may also bring the envelope many of you will receive in the mail this week.  Each dollar raised goes directly to ministries that support our Catholic faith and is not used for any other purpose.
Jr-Sr Religious Education Students Because it is Ash Wednesday, there will be no ALTARation for our junior and senior high religion students February 26. Instead, they should attend mass with their families at 7:00pm that evening instead.
Confirmation Students All juniors receiving confirmation on March 8th are asked to be present at the 8:00am mass on March 1st to be recognized by our parish community. All parishioners are welcome to attend this mass as well as the Confirmation mass on March 8th at Immaculate Conception Parish in Rice.
Confirmation 2020! 
Current juniors will be confirmed at Immaculate Conception Parish in Rice with Fr. Robert Rolfes, Sunday March 8, at 2:00pm.

Bring your palms branches. As we prepare our hearts and homes for this upcoming Lenten season, we invite you to bring any palms from home from previous years to church any time between now and Ash Wednesday.  We will burn these palms and use their ash to be marked on our foreheads at Ash Wednesday Mass. "Turn away from sin and believe in the Gospel."  Collection baskets for palms will be at both the main entrance and the elevator entrance.

Anointing of the Sick for the Homebound It was a very moving to celebrate the Anointing with members of our parishes who were suffering from illness or the effects of aging and to share a beautiful meal with them after the mass. However, others who are homebound could not join us for this special spiritual and personal support. If you or a family member are homebound, were unable to attend and would like to be anointed, please call the parish office at 584-5484. I will call you to arrange a time to come to your home and celebrate the Sacrament.
Alterations: the Mystery of the Mass Revealed began last Wednesday evening. This 5-week series aims to answer the whys, whats, and how comes of the Mass. Anyone is welcome to join us at 7:00pm on Wednesday evenings. If you know someone who has stopped coming to Mass, invite them along--- these are well worth your time!

More Mowers Needed... Well, not  right away, but at least in a few months we will need one or two persons to take the place of our present parish mowing crew, who find they can no longer fit this pleasant summer activity into their busy schedules. Our parish is grateful to all those who have kept our lawns in prime condition these past five. Anyone who would like to apply for this paid position should contact the pastor or one of the trustees. 

Why Do I Come To Mass? This is a question that we all ask at some point in our faith journey. Am I coming to Mass because my parents make me? Do I go so I don't get questioned by my parents or grandparents who go all the time? Do I go so I can see my friends? There are many questions that are asked about why the Mass is so important and why are we asked to go every week. Starting next week on Wednesday nights we are going to start to answer some of those questions. “Altaration—The Mystery Of The Mass Revealed” is a 5-part series put together by Ascension Press that will help us learn more about what goes on at Mass and why we do what we do. The more we can learn about the Mass the more alive and intense it will become, so starting next week on the 12th we will start with our first session at 7:00. Anyone is welcome to attend and I encourage all the parents to join their kids in this learning opportunity. We are planning on covering all five sessions before Easter. If you have any questions call Neil Zimmerman at 320-247-3559.
Christian Women annual dues are due in February. If you have questions, contact Darlene Nix at 320-360-1937.
Christian Women dues are due in February. Annual dues are $1.00 and can be prepaid. Can put an envelope in the church collection with payment listing your name and dues amount. If you have questions, contact your group leader or Treasurer Susan Smieja at 320-293-2216.

Children's Liturgy of the Word Thanks to some very generous teens and adults, Saturday 4:00pm masses at Holy Trinity now offer children their own Liturgy of the Word. Just before the First Reading, young children are invited to the church basement for supervised Gospel - related activities and will be brought back to their parents before the offertory. This activity is intended for children who have not yet received their First Holy Communion.

Food for Kidz As parish communities we will also unite our efforts to raise funds to pay for the necessary ingredients, then package nourishing meals and send 35,000 or more meals or more to feed hungry children locally and throughout the world. The main reason for choosing Lent as a time to become involved in the Food for Kidz program is that the very spirit of the season encourages us through generosity and self-discipline to limit or scale back on what we usually spend on things we don't necessarily need, and then to take what we save in the process and donate it to others in need. For many years that cause has been the Rice Bowl, and that option will continue for us, but given the success of last year's Heifer project, we
thought we could go a step further by actually getting our hands on the very food that will feed hungry children in our local community or wherever in the world children go to bed hungry. We will be able to provide them with adequate nourishment for a day, and do it for
twenty-five cents a meal.
Rice Bowls will also be available for those who would like to place their alms in their own personal rice bowl.
Adoration Help Is still Needed Help is needed to fill hours at Adoration. We would like to have two people for each hour. It is a nice reward to be with the Lord for an hour praying and talking with him. If interested in helping, please call Marcy Gallus at 584-5870.

Fellowship  All are welcome to attend our monthly fellowship in the Holy Cross church basement following 8:00am Mass on the third Sunday of each month.

Bible Study All are welcome to join in a study of God’s word Wednesday at 6:00pm in the Holy Trinity church basement. For questions, please contact Catie 320-584-8171.

Theology on Tap   Enjoy a Brew : Find the truth     Young adults in their 20s and 30s are encouraged to learn more about our faith and enjoy a fun night out. The third Thursday of every other month at 7-9pm at A.T. The Black and White in Little Falls. All are welcomed to show up at 7pm for dinner and/or drinks with a speaker at 8:00. Contact Amy Schlichting at amy.schlichting11@gmail.com with any questions.

Guardian Angels Youth Group Join the Guardian Angels Youth Group every other Wednesday at 7:30pm at Holy Cross for games and Bible Study—and bring a friend! If there are any questions please contact Peter Borash: 320-292-7004.

The Holy Trinity Children’s Choir All children 2nd grade and older are welcome to attend. Please call Michelle Stevens to sign up 320-493-1180.
Becoming a Member  If you attend Holy Trinity or Holy Cross Church and are not yet registered in the parish, please contact our office and we will gladly guide you through the simple process.  We would also like to set up a meeting with our office staff to better acclimate you to the parish.
If you are a member and do not receive parish contribution envelopes, but would like them, please call Courtney (584-5484), or email htrinityhcross@gmail.com.  Likewise, if you are a member and receive envelopes, but contribute to our parish in a different way and would like to be removed from our envelope mailing list, please contact our office as well.
Children’s Offerings at Mass at Holy Cross. Children will be invited to bring their envelopes, cash donation, or a slip of paper describing some “acts of kindness” they have done in the past week and bring that up to the front of the church as their offering. Some parents had asked if this could be done at Holy Cross to get their children more actively involved in the mass and learn about good stewardship, and I would be happy to give it a try.
Children’s Bulletin Children's bulletins are available for two age groups, grades K-3 & 4-6, both on the same sheet of paper.
Fellowship for Members of Holy Cross Parish are after 8:00am Mass on the third Sunday of each month.
Parish Census If you have a P.O. Box address, please notify the parish office. The post office will not deliver mail with only a street address. This minor issue could be the cause of a person not being included in the parish registry.
Planning a Wedding Soon? If you are planning a wedding in the next year or so, please remember that our diocese asks that we have at least six months to prepare not only for the celebration but also for the marriage. Please contact me if you are considering a wedding at Holy Trinity or Holy Cross in the near future.

Gluten-free Hosts are available at Mass. If you wish to receive a gluten-free host, please indicate that when you come forward to receive.

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